Lasting Immunity to COVID Found in Early Studies

By Monday, the U.S. coronavirus case count surpassed 5.4 million as the death toll neared 170,000, according to a Times tally.

According to the same tally, the top five states in coronavirus cases as of Monday were: California with over 628,500; Florida with more than 573,000; Texas with almost 570,000; New York with over 430,000; and Georgia with over 220,000.

Nations grapple with pandemic

Elsewhere in the world, the situation remains challenging.

India has passed Britain to have the fourth-highest death toll in the world from the coronavirus, after the United States, Brazil and Mexico, the Post reported.

By Monday, India had more than 2.6 million confirmed cases of the infection and nearly 51,000 deaths, a John Hopkins tally shows. Britain remains the worst-hit country in Europe, the Post reported.

Brazil is also a hotspot in the coronavirus pandemic, with over 3.3 million confirmed infections by Monday, according to the Hopkins tally. It has the second-highest number of cases, behind only the United States.

Cases are also spiking in Russia: As of Monday, that country reported the world’s fourth-highest number of COVID-19 cases, at over 925,500, the Hopkins tally showed.

Even New Zealand, a country that hadn’t seen a new coronavirus case is 100 days, hasn’t been spared.

On Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the country’s general election, scheduled for Sept. 19, would be pushed back a month, the Post reported. The move comes as New Zealand grapples with a new wave of COVID-19 infections that have prompted a return to lockdown restrictions in parts of the country.

Worldwide, the number of reported infections passed 21.7 million on Monday, with nearly 776,000 deaths, according to the Hopkins tally.

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