Will Coffee Shop Culture Survive COVID-19?

Sharling Tellez, Starbucks customer in Alexandria VA.

Andrea Caulfield, Starbucks customers in Alexandria VA.

Shannon Schultz, anonymous Starbucks manager in Alexandria VA.

Alicia Love, president of Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown NY.

Zack Willhoff, café retail manager, Nossa Familia Lovejoy Expresso Bar, Portland OR.

Karen Raskopf, chief communications and sustainability officer at Dunkin’ Brands in Canton, MA. (*could only verify HQ location based on press releases).

Stephen Kissler, research fellow in the department of immunology and infectious Diseases at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston MA.

The CDC: “Considerations for Restaurants and Bars.”

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Oxford Academic: “Characteristics of Household Transmission of COVID-19.”

The Harvard Gazette: “Is air conditioning helping spread COVID in the South?”

The Industry Executive: “Peet’s Coffee To Reopen 35 US Locations On May 4th As Part Of A Phased Approach.”

The Industry Executive: “Peet’s Coffee Reopens 13 More Location Across the US on MAY 28th, as Part of Phased Approach.”

Peets.com: “COVID-19 UPDATES.”

Starbucks.com: “At a glance: What customers need to know about Starbucks response to COVID-19.”

Starbucks.com: “Navigating through COVID-19.”

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